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Guangzhou YI TONG NC.Co.,Ltd, which locates in Nanji District Park, Huangpu East Road, Huangpu District,Guangzhou, is a professional manufacturer of computer numerical control fur-embedded machines and all kinds of fur-embedded outfits, a science & technology company which mainly takes on developing producing & processing, market running. It has a group of professors, senior engineers, veteran producing-technicians who mainly take on researching of numerical control products in the line of fur-embedded.

The numerial control system of the 3-axes, 4-axes, 5-axes high-speed computer numerical control fur-embedded machine produced by our company, adopts intelligentized control software which was developed by our company independently, Chinese-displayed large screen, hermetic style keyboard, multifunction large storage, input data etc, can be used to copy, input, delete, move and whole-disjoined etc, it don't need to input one by one and used easily. XY axes platform adopt sprecision rolling-ball pole and high intension sliping-orbit. Flatdynamical adopts the latest alterdriving motor. The latest technical driver has multiplicate protective function.

While it is accelerating technology and product innovation,Guangzhou YI TONG NC.Co.,Ltd. Stress on centering customers to expand positive culture, promoting the strategies of the development of the company insisting the tenets of the toppest quality, the most substantial price and the most sincere after-sale service. Our company arms at serving society, spreading culture and intents to communicate and cooperate with domestic and foreign partners widely to contribute to the development of the fur-embedded machinery equipment and technology.

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